A Guide to the Estate Rent Charge

The Deed of Grant and Covenant entered into upon the purchase of your property, governs the Estate Rent Charge, which comprises three elements.

  1. The SW Charge.
  2. The Marina Charge.
  3. The Berth Charge.

The Berth Charge is only applicable to berths that are privately owned and is not covered by this note.

  1. The SW Charge

    The Trust covenants with the homeowner to apply the SW Charge towards the cost of execution of the Littoral Drift obligations and of the maintenance and improvement of the beach and sea defences within the vicinity of the Harbour and towards Harbour Maintenance or any one or more of such objects.

    This was set at 75 in 1988 and varies in accordance with the change in the Retail Price Index. The invoice is payable yearly in advance commencing 1 January.

  2. The Marina Charge

    The Marina Costs are all costs and expenses reasonably and properly incurred in connection with or incidental to the cleansing, repair and maintenance of the Harbour and the Waterways.

    The Marina Charge is calculated from the Marina Costs. The Costs are calculated from the Marina Company's audited statement of qualifying expenses (defined by the Rent Charge deed) for the preceding financial year, ending 30 September. The invoice is payable yearly commencing 1 January. The charge is reduced to take account of the proportion of the SW charge contributed for Harbour Maintenance.

    The number of properties liable to pay the Marina Charge is dependant in the number of completed and sold housing units within the development liable to pay the charge. This figure can therefore increase from year to year. It is used as the divisor to subdivide the Marina Costs (net of Harbour Maintenance contribution from the SW charge) and so calculate individual charges. .

Funds received under the SW charge heading, are applied under the terms of an agreement on the part of the Trust and the CIC with the Environment Agency, and the Marina Company, as follows:

  1. The first £35,000 (index linked from November 2002) is paid to the Environment Agency in respect of the Littoral Drift;
  2. The balance is paid in equal parts to the Environment Agency and the Marina Company.

The payment to the Environment Agency is to be expended by them on the maintenance of Sea Defences, including Rock Revetment, as the Agency considers necessary to avoid tidal flooding.

The payment to the Marina Company is for such works as are considered necessary to maintain the outer harbour break water and associated structures, the inner and outer harbour and connecting locks, the West and North harbours, the harbour walls, bridges and associated structures and water ways. Harbour maintenance is to help the overall facility to drain the site quickly in the event of tidal or storm flooding..

The breakdown of the Marina Charge is provided with the annual invoice to residents in accordance with the terms of the rent charge deed.



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